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Welcome to! We (Grayson and Jared) are the creators of a growing youtube channel and we love very bit of it! we made this website for interaction with our viewers and subscribers! (and hopefully to grow a fan base) We cannot wait to talk to you guys! (but mostly grow a  fan base...)

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This is just some random text dude. Random random random words... 

Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Typety Type.

Challenge ACCEPTED! we will e-mail you back shortly if we choose yours! Thank you! :)
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Thanks Bruh!

But seriously thanks for coming to out website! your a real friend for doing that bruh! And I mean a REAL FRIEND! Come on nobody even reads all the useless text at the bottom of a website! just think somebody wasted their night typing this text just so it could end up unread at the bottom of this webpage. Honestly if you are still reading this you are a true hero. Yep a hero, your name needs to go down in the books! Kahoots to you! Hey whats your favorite color? Really! ME TOO! Wow you really are a great person, i could come to like someone like you